Internorm Doors

Highlights of Architecture with Internorm Doors

We believe the architecture of a building reflects the people who live within it. Internorm connects people and buildings by offering individual living styles and by choosing Internorm  doors you can truly fulfil your desires in home living.

To help you find a door solution which meets your unique criteria for architecture, design, and comfort alongside the many options in shape, colour and material, you can choose from the four different Internorm door styles:

What We Offer You.

we can offer you high quality doors and excellent service

Bespoke doors

Each door is unique. The Internorm door is manufactured in our ultra-modern manufacturing plant to your precise specification and custom made exactly to your measurements. We produce a range of doors from aluminium or timber/aluminium with flush, square-edged, profiled or rounded styles. With a huge colour selection and numerous glazing and door handle options we can offer unlimited design possibilities.

Innovative technologies

Utilising State-of-the-art technologies, our in-house research department continually develop new products and technological innovation offering you even greater comfort and security.

Excellent quality

Excellent thermal insulation coupled with the highest level of security are a matter of course for Internorm doors. Our numerous national and international awards together with industry recognised certifications are proof that our continual product development guarantees exceptional quality products. We are therefore able to offer product warranties which surpass our customers’ expectations.

Perfect compatibility

Internorm entrance doors can be combined perfectly with any other products from the Internorm range. Identical surface finishes, colours and glazing ensure continuity throughout the design of your house.

Aluminium Entrance Doors

The Entrance Door is a Very Special Part of our Home.

We leave and enter the house through it and it is where we welcome our guests. The entrance area provides a first impression about the inhabitants of any home. Manufactured using state-of-the art processes and blending ultra-modern technologies with optimum materials, they are not only extremely easy to maintain and long lasting, but always correspond perfectly to your individual requirements through almost unlimited design and colour possibilities.

Timber Aluminium Entrance Doors

Timber Provides a Distinctive Appearance.

Timber Provides a Distinctive Appearance.

Timber conveys warmth whilst contributing considerably to a pleasant atmosphere. These characteristics are especially important in the entrance area and welcoming guests entering the home. The material compound timber/thermal/aluminium adds a further advantage: it is suitable for low-energy and passive houses. Additionally, all the timber used originates from sustainable forestry.